Kinetic Consulting

Kinetic founder Will Hogg is the guest writer in the June 2013 edition of the Redburn Review. He explains how it is the combination of vision and action that enables management to overcome corporate inertia or atrophy. Below is an excerpt – the full article and June’s edition of the Redburn Review can be downloaded below.

It is time for the annual review and the leadership team awaits the CEO’s presentation. Economic challenges
 abound. The top and bottom line are down. Competition is more global, more local, and more aggressive. It is time for a fresh perspective. The audience shows remarkable optimism in believing it could be different this time. The boss stands up. She knows she is a charismatic presenter. Her PowerPoint is perfect. The rehearsals were frequent. She delivers the message and moral with confidence: “Customer focused, multi-functional teams are the answer.” The participants get it. They applaud politely, ask the obligatory questions and have no idea what to do next. The CEO has delivered ‘vision without action’…

Will Hogg

Managing Director & Founder