The Challenges of Civilian Leadership – Lecture at The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst

Will Hogg revisits Sandhurst after 20 years to deliver a lecture to the cadets on ‘The Challenges of Civilian Leadership’ based on his own experience in the corporate world after the military. Gus Newby Grant (a previous instructor at Sandhurst) summarises the key points in the following article…

Think of a formative place in your life. Somewhere that truly shaped you. Somewhere that fundamentally changed the way you viewed yourself and others. You probably have one in mind.

For Will Hogg, the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst is that. His alma mater. 20 years ago, aged 23, he was in the midst of the intensity that  is Sandhurst. A year long kaleidoscope of physical, mental, emotional endeavour that is designed to prepare young men and women to lead soldiers: in war and in peace.

Last month, after 15 years out of the military environment, the tables were turned. Will was given the privilege of addressing Sandhurst cadets on his views of leadership: views developed in his first professional role as a young officer in the Light Infantry; as a Human Resources Director at Procter & Gamble; and more recently as the founder of Kinetic Consulting…”

Challenges of Civilian Leadership Article

Thank you again for your valuable contribution to the development of our future officers. I am very grateful for you finding the time to give such an excellent presentation and I am sure our leadership team will be in to follow up your kind offer of returning to the Academy for a ‘re-show’!

Major General S R Skeates CBE / Commandant, The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst