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In the current business climate where organic growth is predicated on innovation, Dick Seger is a rarity in that he has demonstrated the ability to build, encourage and sustain, remarkably innovative businesses.

We have the pleasure of hearing from Dick, where he shares his belief in the ‘spirit’ that lies within each of us to dream and achieve far beyond what we might believe to be possible. Testament to that must be the fact that Verisure comprised of 6 people Dick co-founded the company in 1988, reaching a population of 10,000 at the end of his tenure...

Dick is the inventor, co-founder and former CEO of Verisure, Europe’s leading home security company. Being able to see opportunities and execute on them in a successful way is a gift that few leaders can lay claim to. And that’s what makes Dick such a phenomenal business mind. Credited with ushering home security into the 21st Century, Dick was able to make a prescient and bold market read and move Verisure into the emerging “internet of things” space, securing a dominant market position.

Verisure offers home security to millions of customers in Europe, delivering double-digit growth and amazing customer satisfaction. What makes Verisure (and Dick) so special is the commitment to technology. Leveraging the connected world we live in, Verisure offers its clients the ability to monitor for emergencies like intrusion or fires but to also virtually lock their doors, adjust their climates, and turn off the lights -none of which would be possible without our connected and technology-enabled world.

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An experienced senior-level human resources executive, Dennis has over three decades of business experience specialising in strategy development and deployment, building high performance organisations and with large-scale mergers, acquisitions and divestitures.

He has worked at some of the world’s most admired companies, across multiple industry sectors, as Chief Human Resources Officer for Walt Disney, Kellogg, Scripps Networks Interactive and NXP Semiconductors. In addition, he held senior executive positions at Procter and Gamble in the United States and the United Kingdom. Currently, Dennis serves as Executive Chairman of Kinetic Consulting NA and President, Core Strengths Management Consulting in Cincinnati, Ohio.