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We are delighted to welcome Liv Cardell for this version of The Strategy Session where she meets with our very own Dennis Shuler in Malmo, Sweden. Liv illustrates the path to setting up her own business, harnessing the driving force of curiosity and being an ‘organisational farmer’ – “you can’t make culture theoretical, you have to live it and cultivate it every day” – making the complex, simple.

Initially trained as a Social Worker and in Organisational Psychology and Systemic Management, Liv Cardell went on to deliver value as CEO of Cardell Consulting. With customers such as drug-maker Astrazeneka, mobile tech giant Ericsson, and the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency, the UN agency for nuclear power), it’s clear that Liv has a wealth of experience.

During her career to date, Liv has become adept at reading corporate cultures as well as instilling “Safety Culture,” a concept that we explore more during the podcast. What makes Liv really special is her ability to help implement a cultural change and to then breathe life into that culture in a practical way, helping organisations make the shift to a new way of thinking and acting without causing turbulence. This skill in transition and implementation cannot be understated, because one of the things that gives consulting a bad rap is the popular notion that consultants push ‘sweeping change’ on a boardroom, hit the road, and cash their checks. It’s always nice to see someone representing their field positively.

Liv has worked hard to develop a number of processes, methods, and tools that she uses to create change in cultures and organisations. One of which, is her book, covering those precise points, called “Red Matters” where Liv says, “burn the meeting tables, throw out the coaches and dream more, together”. Liv talks more about this way of thinking and how she has used techniques and systems to deliver her excellent results, during this great Strategy Session.

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An experienced senior-level human resources executive, Dennis has over three decades of business experience specialising in strategy development and deployment, building high performance organisations and with large-scale mergers, acquisitions and divestitures.

He has worked at some of the world’s most admired companies, across multiple industry sectors, as Chief Human Resources Officer for Walt Disney, Kellogg, Scripps Networks Interactive and NXP Semiconductors. In addition, he held senior executive positions at Procter and Gamble in the United States and the United Kingdom. Currently, Dennis serves as Executive Chairman of Kinetic Consulting NA and President, Core Strengths Management Consulting in Cincinnati, Ohio.