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Capitalium Advisors, a well-recognised wealth management company (Member of The CASA Group) based in Geneva has joined forces with experts to develop the CASA NEXGEN© training program.

“90% of family fortunes disappear by the third generation”

Preserving and growing family wealth over time is a major challenge that very few families succeed in overcoming. Capitalium Advisors has looked for the best solutions to help ensure their clients are in the 10% that succeed with the challenge of wealth transmission. The result is a modular, tailor-made programme, designed by three dedicated partners. The objective? To equip the NexGens with the skill-set, mindset and core competencies to become key contributors, decision-makers and legacy-drivers of the family’s future success.

CASA NEXGEN© is a 4-module programme covering investments, governance, leadership development and entrepreneurship. In every situation, an initial diagnostic is performed to align the development programme with specific identified needs. Families can choose individual modules or the entire programme, for one or multiple family members, according to what suits them best. The modules cover:


Knowledge and tools to monitor financial assets with a critical view. Supported by a robust methodology, this module focuses on financial assets and portfolio management with a strong focus on learning to identify the relevant information that will impact investments.


Competencies and strategic thinking to address governance and wealth planning with confidence. This module focuses on decision-making, conflict resolution, allocation of roles and responsibilities as well as the process of building an effective wealth and succession planning strategy.


Upgrading one’s skill-set and mindset to succeed in a rapidly-changing environment. It focuses on experiential leadership skills and capabilities training, personal development and effective public speaking / communication skills.


The essentials to create value on a specific market and to acquire the entrepreneurial thinking methods. It covers the strategic aspects of identifying business opportunities, defining a business model and developing a go-to-market strategy.

Switzerland is internationally recognised for finance and education. “At the crossroad of both fields, CASA NEXGEN© is the ultimate development programme for families who care about wealth transmission and want to provide their NexGens with the tools and strategies to succeed in today’s fast-paced environment”, explains Alain Zell, CEO of Capitalium Advisors. “Together with our trustworthy partners, we share world-class expertise, a track record of success and strong ethical value.”

“We are delighted to have co-created a very practical ‘fit for purpose’ NextGen Development Programme designed to equip and prepare family members for their role as the future decision-makers, wealth-creators and legacy-drivers. Develop People. Deliver Success!” – Jonathan Cave, Kinetic Consultant. 

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