Wendepunkt Webcast: Inflection Points for Senior Leaders with Paul Polman, Co-Founder IMAGINE

In this next edition of the Wendepunkt webcast our North America Exec Chairman, Dennis Shuler speaks with Paul Polman, Co-Founder and Chair of IMAGINE, a social venture accelerating business leadership to achieve the Global Goals.

Prior to IMAGINE Paul was the Chief Executive Officer of Unilever for a decade. Under his leadership Unilever set out an ambitious vision to decouple its growth from overall environmental footprint and increase its positive social impact. During his tenure, Unilever was one of the best-performing companies in its sector, delivering ten years of consistent top and bottom line growth.

Paul actively seeks cooperation with companies to become an effective ‘force for good’ by implementing sustainable business strategies and driving systemic change. He talks more on this – and the moments that have shaped his path – in the episode below. Image credit: Reuters.