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The business review / budget planning process should be your annual opportunity to make game changing choices for your business and turn them into winning strategies.

So why do so many of these processes seem to take forever and reward the best negotiators instead of the best ideas?

To celebrate our 10th birthday Kinetic are offering new clients a trial opportunity to show how we can help them deliver a better business review / budget planning process, faster.

Two members from our team – both experienced business leaders with 25+ years in leading blue-chip organisations – will dedicate a working week to partner with you.

Their brief will be to help you accelerate your business review / budget planning process, and lead the delivery of great objectives, goals, strategies and plans.

Fees for such interventions would normally be set at CHF 50K+ but we are offering a trial rate of CHF 35K for a limited time.

A typical approach could include options from the following:

Get familiar

with the business review and strategy documents


your top team and other key stakeholders


the gaps between what the business says it wants and what the management says it needs, and between the strategy and the existing plans

Run a full day workshop

to share the findings with your top team in order to develop and align on the right priority projects, owners and topline plans


the work streams and aligned action plans

Kinetic have already done more for the team in one day, than other consultants have managed over the last 3 years.

Country CEO

Multinational Technology Leader

To find out more contact:

Tim Seager