Kinetic Consulting

Global Banking and Financial Services Company


To establish the practices, behaviours and decision making processes required to embed a set of global standards across 260,000 employees. These standards were required to become ‘business as usual’ within 18 months in the context of a US / UK Deferred Prosecution Agreement.


We re-defined a regulatory ‘must do’ as an opportunity to create long-term competitive advantage. This vision was delivered as an action-oriented narrative via a global communication campaign and an interactive e-learning game.

Critically, internal management were enabled to lead these activities, creating engagement, credibility and future-proofing sustainable change.


Delivered an innovative and impactful engagement campaign driving behaviour change across 5 business units, 260,000 employees and 80 countries. First workshops delivered within 3 months of the initial brief.

Ultimately, if we can become leaders in this, I think there’s a competitive advantage to be won.

Testimonial from the CEO