I had high expectations and Kinetic exceeded them. We entered the workshop as a coalition of individuals, and left it committed to a clear vision and to each other.

SVP & Managing Director / Leading Global Snacks Company

Case for Change

The Company Leadership Team comprised 50% new team members, including a new Managing Director. This moment of change was an opportunity to build strong relationships and create strategic clarity in the team.

Shared Vision

To create a high performing Executive Leadership Team capable of, equipped for and excited about delivering their part of the ambition and strategy.

Feasible Plan

We compiled stakeholder views and a landscape assessment to inform the opportunities both from a team and business perspective. Using the Change Model as a frame, we then ran a 2-day workshop to define the drivers for change today, as a basis for setting a bold and daring ambition with a feasible roadmap. This was facilitated by an experienced team in change management, strategy and leadership engagement.

Capability to Deliver

For each key building block of the updated vision, we chartered work teams to develop a deeper understanding on “what needs to be true to win”. This not only developed the enabling aspect of the plan, but also cemented ownership for it within the Lead Team.


Vision, building blocks and desired culture articulated and aligned in a re-energised team in two days.

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