Kinetic Consulting

Global Fashion Retailer


To engage 35,000 employees across Europe with a new 5 year strategy for growth within 8 months. Not only was it critical that the solution was effective with employees at all levels, it also needed to be distinct enough to cut through the ‘noise’ of other communications, daily work and challenges.


We designed and developed a self-discovery strategy game – a Learning Map – based on a simple yet compelling customer-led story. The tool enabled every single employee – from board directors to store assistants – to understand the need for change, the strategic choices and their part to play in driving the organisation forwards.

The tool was delivered in 14 languages and deployed as part of a communications campaign, including a train-the-trainer roll-out programme.


The strategy was successfully deployed to the entire European organisation within 4 months of the Learning Map being produced. Initial qualitative feedback indicated that employees at all levels understood the key elements of the strategy and, specifically, their role in delivering it.

Our employees felt extremely positive about the commitment from the company after this experience. They have heard so many different pieces of information without understanding why, but can now connect the puzzle. The strategy was delivered in such a simple and clear way – amazing!

Testimonial from the HR Director for Europe