Kinetic Consulting

Global Fashion Retailer


To develop and implement a new 3–5 year growth strategy for a major European fashion retailer to stop and ultimately reverse a 4-year down trend.


Working with the senior team, we defined a transformational strategy based on a clear and aligned assessment of the current business.

We then deployed the agreed approach down to store level in an innovative way to help drive customer attraction, purchase and repeat sales. This new set of activities within a new operating model was enabled throughout the entire organisation of 30,000+ employees.


The strategy was developed and deployed to the top 100 Leadership within 3 months. Business was stabilised as a foundation for future growth – currently in 3% growth (based on the categories selected in the new OGSM) after 4 years of decline.

Unlike many consultants, you guys add real value: top and bottom line.

Testimonial from the CEO