Kinetic’s ability to adapt rapidly, combined with their integrity and unfaltering drive to achieve fixed objectives, enabled them to carry out their multiple functions to our complete satisfaction.

Managing Director / Global Transport Organisation

Case for Change

A Global Transport Organisation faced a significant decline in revenue in combination with an urgency to improve governance and transparency.

Shared Vision

To transform and modernise the organisation through the development and application of best practice across all areas of operation.

Feasible Plan

We assessed the current state by understanding revenue and cost drivers with the long-term needs from the members. We also identified issues, trends and required changes in the operating model and operational delivery. This led to the development of a new “product and pricing” strategy including a new operating model.

Next, we developed a long-term financial planning process and new metrics to analyse the business from a value-added perspective and provide financial insights for decision making.

Capability to Deliver

To make the changes sustainable we enabled transparent and recurring reporting to all statutory bodies (Finance Commission, Presidential Executive and General Assembly) and ensured a ‘re-focus’ on core activities with clear visibility on investments and expected return on these investments. Alignment was achieved between delegations, commissions and secretariat on spending pools.


Supported the development and deployment of a new strategy delivering 8M EUR in yearly benefits.

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