Kinetic’s senior-level partnership and pragmatic approach were key in helping us to reshape our organisation, operating model and business cycles to be fit for exponential growth.

Global CMO / Global Social Media App Company

Case for Change

A global app business was entering a phase of accelerated growth with new shareholders, changes in the leadership and pressure on implementing a new growth agenda. The Lead Team saw the need to ensure that the organisation was prepared to fully realise its growth potential.

Shared Vision

To show how the organisation can take this opportunity not only to adapt but also to become a global leader in its field.

Feasible Plan

We worked with the CMO and Lead Team to develop a straightforward and cohesive strategic plan, focused on refining and accelerating the business growth trajectory. Specifically we enabled the team to develop their key strategic choices and detailed metrics for each choice so that success could be tracked and measured across the business.

Capability to Deliver

We redesigned the organisational performance model to enable operationalisation of the strategy, including redefining key roles, reorganised the marketing structure with specific KPIs linking their metrics and implemented an annual business cycle to meet the overall company targets. Delivered 1-1 coaching with senior leaders and cross functional peers to ensure cohesive delivery.


Strategy, structure and business planning cycle designed, aligned and rolled-out within 90 days.

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