Kinetic Consulting

Multinational Oil & Gas Company


To enable a global lead team to bring their new vision & strategy to life and to develop the behaviours required to drive it into action.


We designed and facilitated a bespoke workshop programme, based on in-depth pre-work interviews, to build a high performing team.

Using a mix of presentation, experiential learning and interactive sessions, this delivered a feedback average of 4.6 out of 5 for inspiration, information and engagement. The workshop programme formed the basis for an on-going and highly rated development programme at team and individual level.


Delivered a step-change in the interaction and operations of a global lead team, enabling the implementation of a strategy and critical structure change within the organisation.

Kinetic has a unique way of understanding what makes my team tick. That, and their ability to cut straight to what is critical, makes them an ideal development partner.

Testimonial from the General Manager