Kinetic nailed it. They understood us and our business quickly and used that understanding to drive a fast, effective envisioning session… and we had fun in the process.

Global Head of Sales & Channels / Global Sporting Goods Company

Case for Change

A Sporting Goods Company identified the untapped potential in their lead team. They needed to align behind a single compelling vision and shared team goal to better drive value for the company.

Shared Vision

Step change trust and collaboration in the team based on absolute clarity on what drives value for the company; all this, as a foundation for delivering breakthrough results together.

Feasible Plan

Through a series of 1-2-1 interviews with the 14 lead team members we built a clear picture of the team dynamics, business unit value generation and the organisation / team operations to support that value generation. We followed this with a virtual team workshop to co-define the team vision, shared goal and value drivers to kick start their transformation journey.

Capability to Deliver

During the workshop we drove focus on trust / collaboration, as well as on continual learning for improvement, to ensure the team were equipped to sustain momentum.


Global Team aligned behind a new Vision in two 3 hour virtual sessions.

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