Kinetic Consulting

Retail & Commercial Banking Company


The business leader identified the need to build team and individual capabilities to deliver a more client-focused business strategy.


Following interviews with key business leaders and the division head, it became clear that capability focus was required in the areas of client centricity, strategic agility, individual leadership and ability to operate in a matrix.

A training intervention, focusing on identified areas, was designed and executed with the leadership group and their direct reports. The workshops were augmented with follow up sessions to define action plans and to support ongoing cascade of the training throughout the organisation.


Delivered an average participant score of 4.4 out of 5 on engagement, relevance and applicability. More importantly, lessons learnt were immediately applied in the client teams, with resultant increases in performance and organisational engagement.

Kinetic helped foster new ways of thinking for our industry leaders. The unconventional approach, based on practical experience, resonated with our leaders. The post Module Action Planning played a key part in bringing classroom insight into business practice.

Testimonial from the Head Of Global Corporates