Kinetic Consulting

Multinational Retailer


To define and build the critical behaviours required at all levels in an organisation of 500,000 employees, to win in an increasingly competitive environment.


We identified a set of competencies to win today and in the future, based on extensive internal and external benchmarking. The output was then synthesised into a bespoke model with clear expectations set for every level within the organisation.

The model was deployed through the top three levels of the organisation via highly experiential training. This allowed every participant to practice the new mindsets and behaviours in the context of their daily reality and enabled each leader to train and develop their teams in accordance with the new model.


6,000 Directors trained globally on a new competency model within 12 months, with excellent feedback from 100% of workshops.

This is exactly what our organisation needs. Your legacy will indeed be long term.

Testimonial from the Chief HR & Organisation Officer