Kinetic Consulting

Global Merchant Company


To create a coherent IT strategy to support a global business. The new CIO was tasked with delivering a step-change in the performance of the IT organisation in the context of delivering the business strategy.


Using a structured and collaborative approach, we designed and delivered a strategy development workshop. The agreed purpose was to develop a new IT strategy that aligned with the overall business direction, identify the work-streams needed to execute this and set the organisation up to deliver.

We built on internal interviews conducted by the new CIO and brought an external perspective to help the IT leadership team to make focused choices and then align on their next strategic steps.


There are now four new and agreed work-streams with clearly identified owners working with teams aligned across multiple functions and regions. As a result of our intervention, the IT leadership team were able to deploy their case for change immediately to both internal clients and external partners.

Kinetic helped us define and align the Global IT strategy, operating model, communication plan and case for change, connecting the overall company needs with the ‘as is’. This efficient process has also been an excellent catalyst to get the leadership team engaged and united.

Testimonial from the Chief Information Officer