Kinetic Consulting

Multinational Food Manufacturing Company


To design a new operating model for the company, leveraging the acquisition of a new brand and reversing a 3 year downtrend in the regional business.


Working with the lead team, we aligned on a clear assessment of the business and organisational situation. We defined a breakthrough strategy for growth and deployed the key priorities in an innovative and compelling format.

We then worked closely with the client to enable this new direction through a set of integrated structure, process and capability choices. Based on first hand experience of the operating culture, we designed and delivered an 18-month implementation plan, critical to embedding the change throughout the entire company.


Following our intervention, the business experienced 3 out of 4 quarters of growth following 12 quarters of decline. The business progress was supported by unprecedented employee engagement results.

Kinetic helped us to put our business back on track in the context of long term growth potential. Different from other consultants, they will always argue for what is right, even if it is not always easy.

Testimonial from the Senior Vice President / Chief Growth Officer