Kinetic Consulting

Leading International Manufacturing Company


To identify the key levers for growth in a recently purchased business, in order to identify the crucial interventions required to drive turnaround.


Held interviews with key stakeholders to understand the critical demands facing the organisation and current results – both qualitative and quantitative. We then facilitated a two-day workshop with the Regional Lead Team to align the key reasons for those business and organisational results.

Those insights were then collated into a comprehensive report with a short term action plan which was immediately accepted. This provided the basis for a follow up strategy development workshop and a regional deployment of the new choices.


An in-depth business and organisational analysis was completed with lead team buy-in within 1 month of engagement. We provided an essential foundation for the development of 3-year multi-disciplinary strategy to win with the customer.

(Kinetic)… immediately understood the Business and Organisational challenge facing the Regional Team. The articulation of our business model, in particular, ensured that we were able to develop and deploy a credible and compelling strategy. Kinetic have a unique ability to cut through the detail and distil our very complex challenge into a few critical elements.

Testimonial from the Vice President, Western Europe