Kinetic Consulting

Transnational Food & Drink Company


To align a Global IS / IT Team on a common vision whilst eliminating personal agendas and friction between team members that created low morale and mistrustful working relationships.


We conducted 1:1 diagnostic interviews to pinpoint the ‘truth’, and provided a recommended approach for a quarterly workshop roadmap addressing team behaviour gaps: low trust, lack of empowerment and risk-aversion.

We then developed accountable and aligned work streams and quarterly commitments to empower both team and individual behavioural changes.


The Lead Team were aligned and committed to their vision, with a clear understanding of how to work optimally as a team. New work streams with action plans were put in place that directly linked to the business vision and strategy. Individual commitments were developed in quarterly sessions and the team now benefits from a better way of working, strongly supported by higher trust levels.

Kinetic delivered a very powerful agenda with effective methods, tools and most important – experience. The program was tailored on our specific expectations with positive feedback from the participants.

Testimonial from the Head Of Global IS / IT Services