Kinetic Consulting

How can you harness the power of communications to add business value?

In today’s connected world, businesses are increasingly judged for their strategic readiness, the speed with which they respond to challenges and the effectiveness of their communications. All your stakeholders – from investors to customers, from staff to suppliers – want to understand your strategic objectives and feel engaged in your mission and purpose.

We help business leaders to turn these challenges into opportunities – partnering with you at senior leadership or board level to develop integrated, proactive communications strategies. Our Strategic Communications Advisory Practice comprises senior professionals, whose hands-on experience has delivered lasting impacts for leading global businesses.

Our expertise includes:

Acting as trusted advisors to CEOs on key business and reputational issues.

Helping CEOs navigate an increasingly uncertain and fast-moving environment.

Developing and implementing campaigns to communicate business strategy.

Prioritising business moves and communications activity to deliver the greatest impact.

Providing support on crisis preparedness and management.

Covering the full range of needs: prepare, prevent, manage and rebuild.

Advising on M&A and restructuring communications.

Helping to manage communications and stakeholder relations around major events.

Coaching senior leaders on creating reputational value.

Providing one-to-one media and public speaking training over time.

Supporting corporate communications teams and driving best practice.

Improving the function’s effectiveness and efficiency to add more value.