Kinetic Consulting

How can your Corporate Responsibility strategy minimise reputational risk and deliver commercial advantage?

Today’s customers expect businesses to demonstrate their commitment to social and environmental responsibility. Those that fail to engage with this agenda can attract negative PR, product boycotts and lasting damage to their brand reputation. Companies with robust Corporate Responsibility plans and policies can control costs, build brand value, increase customer and supplier loyalty and maximise business return.

We work with you to develop and maintain your Corporate Responsibility Strategy as a key part of your business vision to deliver winning results and sustainable competitive advantage. Our approach focuses on:


How do your current activities compare to your key competitors? What are your key areas of strength and weakness?


How can you integrate our findings into your strategy and action plans and embed Corporate Responsibility into your corporate culture?

Action Plans

Developed across the four Corporate Responsibility pillars – People, Environment, Marketplace and Community.


Creating effective systems and processes to monitor and build awareness of Corporate Responsibility as part of ‘business as usual’.


Engaging key stakeholders with your Corporate Responsibility activities, ambitions and successes.