Kinetic Consulting

There are two key elements to our approach;
Situational Assessment and Strategy Development.

Situational Assessment

How well are you set up to deliver results today and tomorrow?

Whether you’re in a new leadership role or refreshing an existing strategy, this is the critical question. Answering it thoroughly takes incisiveness, courage and uncompromising rigour.

You know your business better than anyone, so our role is to turn that knowledge into insight by listening, challenging and analysing. Working with you, we help to assess:

The Situation

Your key stakeholders’ expectations.

The Results

Your delivery versus those expectations.

The Culture

Your way of working that delivers those results.


The Design Elements

The key drivers of your culture.

Actual Strategic Choices

The priorities that you and your organisation are really working against.

Organisation Performance ModelBusiness SituationWhat do we need to deliver?Current ResultsHow are we doing?CultureHow are we operating?Business StrategyWhat is our real operating strategy?Global ElementsWhat are the drivers? How are we designed?Each organisation is perfectly designed to achieve the results it gets

Strategy Development

Which choices will enable you to deliver your strategy?

The next step is to define the strategic choices that will deliver winning results and competitive advantage now and for the future.

Starting with a challenging yet credible vision, we help you to identify the building blocks required to achieve it. These priorities form the basis for a resilient and executable strategy consisting of the following:


What do we need to achieve in the next 3-5 years?


What are the key metrics / targets towards the Objective?

Strategic Choices

How will you deliver the Objective and Goals? Specifically, where do you choose to compete?

How will you be better than competition?


What do you measure to track progress vs. your strategic choices?

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