Kinetic Consulting

How can Credit Management become a sustainable competitive advantage?

We work with you to translate Credit Management into a significant business opportunity, whilst reducing risk. Specifically we have achieved up to 20% reduction in Accounts Receivables, up to 50% cost reduction in CM Overheads and Opex and reduction of bad debt down to 0.01% of Sales.

Our aim is to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the credit management process and build a sustainable approach to free up cash and reduce costs through people and process lead solutions. We deliver real results in terms of direct financial benefit, cost reduction, increased agility, improved employee and stakeholder engagement and customer satisfaction. We call this ‘Next Level Credit Management’. Our service is based on a three-phase approach as follows:


We diagnose the existing approach to credit management and recommend a tailor made set of solutions to optimise the order to cash process: identify quick wins and longer term structural improvements.


We develop a detailed plan of action incorporating the recommendations for improvement, targets, end to end roles and responsibilities to build a high performing credit management function.


We operationalise the improvements to embed the new ways of working into the organisation.

What do we mean by ‘Next Level Credit Management’?

Our Tools & Expertise

Building Blocks

Kinetic – The Next Level End to End Credit Management Transformation Approach.

Process Improvement

Process Alignment and Understanding for End to End Credit Management.

Performance Measurement

Dashboard and KPI analysis and development to create predictive management information.

Learning & Development

Innovative credit management training and competency development for the whole business.

Thought Leadership

Advice on developing trends and ‘best practice’, methods, procedures and systems for Credit Management to create competive advantage.