Kinetic Consulting

What structural, process and cultural changes are required to ensure effective execution of your strategy?

Company culture is increasingly seen as a key business driver. In fact, 86% of C suite executives and 84% of all managers and employees say culture is critical to their organisations’ success.

Whatever your strategy, the values and behaviours that contribute to the unique environment of the organisation need to be measured, understood and aligned. What happens when a new strategy clashes with an old culture? “Culture eats strategy for breakfast!” Culture has the hidden power to enable or derail change – it can also be a competitive advantage as it’s the hardest thing for competitors to copy.

There is therefore real commercial value in understanding the effectiveness of your culture on a regular basis and building suitable plans to address the gaps between tomorrow’s need and today’s reality.

We use our experience and proprietary tools to develop tailored culture measurement processes, insightful recommendations, and implementation support for both large-scale transformations and on-going ‘business as usual’ situations. Our approach is based on:

Situational Assessment

Understanding the current situation and gaps versus desired culture. What you keep is as important as what you change.

Transformation Agenda

Align on strategy, aspirational Culture, Vision and supporting KPIs.

Implementation Steps

Plan interventions required on People, Process and Capabilities to deliver your Transformation Agenda and produce sustained high performance.

Galbraith Model