Kinetic Consulting

How do you create an agile and synchronised supply chain to deliver top and bottom line business results?

Our Supply Chain Practice comprises senior management professionals, whose hands-on experience in managing operational Supply Chain functions has delivered significant business benefits.

We work with you to optimise your supply chain using our broad range of tools and expertise including:

Supply Network Design

E2E network design to achieve Service, Cash and Cost targets.

Operating Strategy & Synchronisation

Translate business priorities into supply chain operating choices and priorities.


Buy better, spend better and operate better to increase top line and bottom line.

Organisation Design & Implementation

Every organisation is perfectly designed to achieve the results it gets. Improve results through our Organisation Performance model.

Leadership Development

Leadership and team effectiveness at all career stages, tailored to your needs.

Project Management

& Interim Management Experienced practioners to complement your organisation for periods of change or transition.

Digital Masterplan & Industry 4.0

Leverage new technologies and capabilities to improve your supply chain results.

Pioneers in S&OP

Business planning is the heartbeat of the organisation. Our approach focuses on people and processes to deliver sustainable business results.

Working capital breakthrough, including Credit Management

Develop high-value cash management tools and practices to reduce working capital.

Design Thinking

Include supply chain early in the design phase through quick idea on and prototyping to ensure products flow efficiently through your network.

Game Thinking

Accelerate learning by experimenting with real business S&OP related issues in a safe and fun environment. Click below for more information about our unique ‘Value Race’ game and it’s benefits for your teams.

Value Race Playing to Win Together

In a VUCA world where the pace of change is accelerating, only a few can adapt whilst the many often suffer. At a company level there is a vital need to address individual anxieties and engage teams by giving them confidence in transformations they may experience in future. Value Race is the only business game which enables any group of people (from Juniors to Senior Managers) to work as a team to simulate the dynamics between Strategy, Finance and Execution.

Value Race Benefits


A quick and effective tool to energise and engage teams in any company transformation; it accelerates collective learning by condensing in 1 day what normally takes 6 to 12 months to capture.


Collapses functional silos and hierarchical relationships by creating a powerful ‘team of teams’ spirit which remains durable once the game is finished.


Provides a platform to introduce any transverse initiative such as Transient Advantage, Customer Centricity, Radical Innovation, S&OP, Finance Culture, Digital Culture, Supply Chain Awareness or Supplier Relationship Management.

How does Value Race work?

5 companies compete and collaborate in a value network, 2 Retailers and 3 Manufacturers.

The objective of each company is to maximise their cash over 7 periods of time, by physically / financially optimising and managing their demand and supply network.

To achieve this goal, the teams must define strategies by choosing 4 projects out of a portfolio of 9. They must negotiate, and manage their operations down to the execution level under time pressure, which forces teams to be well organised in order to avoid chaos and failure within their team.

The players physically move materials on a board game to reinforce the experiential learning loop concept-experimentation-experience-observation, but all the calculations are computer based to focus players on the game and its multiple and powerful learnings, not on the administrative tasks.

Detailed feedback is provided at the end to transfer the learnings into the real life, followed by a workshop on how to exploit the learnings of the game in the transverse initiative addressed during the seminar.