Walt retired as Associate Director of Global Security for the P&G in Cincinnati, marking a 23 year career for the company. During such time he managed every aspect of Global Security’s mission. Instrumental in designing, developing and deploying a revised, aggressive corporate approach to anti-counterfeiting, Walt built a global team of experts that dramatically enhanced P&G’s success in anti-counterfeiting operations with law enforcement globally. He has also designed and delivered an intensive training program for HR Managers, developing skills in conducting internal investigations and interviews; and effective, efficient corporate programs that significantly enhanced the protection of intellectual property and competitively sensitive data.

Prior to P&G Walt served 12 years as a New Jersey police officer and six years as an FBI Special Agent in New York City.

Walt has served as an Adjunct Professor of Security Management at American Military University since 2005 teaching courses on international security management, intellectual property protection, threat mitigation and industrial espionage. He holds a BA in Criminal Justice, an MA in Business and Organizational Security Management and a PhD in Business Administration. Walt has served as a member of the Interpol Intellectual Property Crime Action Group and has been a featured speaker at the Interpol General Assembly, FBI Academy, and numerous international ASIS conferences. He is a Certified Protection Professional, and a graduate of Executive Leadership programs at Georgetown University and the Kellogg School of Management.

Focus Areas

  • Security Strategies