You managed to challenge our people to the limit of their comfort zone and ability, whilst creating a safe space in which everybody felt able to demonstrate their leadership potential. Having now done this with you in person and remotely I can say that you delivered beyond expectations in both cases.

Global L&D Director / Global B2B Leader

Case for Change

A Global B2B leader had defined its strategy to win and the leadership behaviours required to deliver it. This clarity was not matched in its succession planning which was still driven by tenure and performance instead of potential and future fit.

Shared Vision

To establish a gold standard in talent assessment, designed to meet future business and organisational requirements.

Feasible Plan

We co-developed, designed and executed a 3 day assessment centre using a range of practical, highly experiential and business specific exercises to test the leadership potential of each participant. In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, developed face-to-face, remote and hybrid options.

Capability to Deliver

We trained business and HR leaders to co-deliver the assessment centre with us, to ensure it was tailored to their business situation and that it delivered a robust, aligned view on each candidate. We completed the centre with each participant developing an individual action plan.


100% alignment between business and HR leaders on the future leadership potential of 90 middle managers, feeding a robust succession plan.

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