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Welcome to 'The Strategy Session' podcast series. In each episode, our North America Chairman Dennis Shuler will explore current strategy and leadership insights with widely respected business leaders and renowned academics.

Kinetic’s 10th Anniversary Trial Opportunity

The business review / budget planning process should be your annual opportunity to make game changing choices for your business and turn them into winning strategies.

So why do so many of these processes seem to take forever and reward the best negotiators instead of the best ideas?

To celebrate our 10th birthday Kinetic are offering new clients a trial opportunity to show how we can help them deliver a better business review / budget planning process, faster.


The Art of Simplicity – Article for the July / August 2018 edition of ‘Credit Management’

Credit Management in larger organisations runs the risk of becoming overcomplicated and failing to add value.

De-cluttering is a big thing and is widely accepted that living with fewer possessions makes for a simpler and happier life, less things to worry about, like the loft of your house collapsing into the bedrooms upstairs. 'Things' become more important and we believe that the more things we have the happier we will be...